Bogra city

Bogra is a city of Bangladesh. It is stand in korotoa river.Bogra is a one of the oldest town in northern Bangladesh. It is a centre of commerce and trade within the Bogra district and located under the Rajshahe Devision.It has some entertainment palace .It has a national cricket studied.
It has some nice place & some temple.
      1. Mohastan gore.
      2. Jadugor.
      3. Najgarden for five star hostels .
      4. International stadium.
      5.Wonderland park.
      6.Palace museum.
      7. Saudia park.
      8. Khokon park.

It was the oldest city of Bengal in the Great Emperor Ashoka's India., 1971 mid April , a number of freedom fighters captured about forty million Taka from the Bogra branch of the State Bank of Pakistan and handed over to the mujibnagar government (government-in-exile). During the War of Liberation the Pak army killed fourteen freedom fighters at Bibirpukur. They also killed nine freedom fighters and buried them on the bank of the river Karatoya. This time  Pakistan army attracted in bogra town. They were killed people in bogra city & village. But  they were no capture bogra city in long time.  Nawab Palace  is most popular palace in bogra city.   It used as Neelkuthi during the British period. Now it make nawab palace museum. Many people  visit this palace every day.

Bogra has a strong cultural affinity to Baul, Marfati, Lalon and Sufi music

 Mohastangor is a most popular location in Bangladesh. Many people are coming in the palace everyday.It located in the 13 kilometers north from the Bogura main district, with the bank of the river Korotoa. This area is approximately 78 sq kilometer. this is the one oldest city of the world.This city another name is Pundro nogor. If you want to photo in mohastangor your are visi in google image search or

 Mohastangar is a tourism palace in bogra. It stand in mohastan. It famous palace in "Behular Bashor Ghar" which very near to Mahasthangar is a popular place for the tourists. Tourists from all over Bangladesh visit this place throughout the year.