Information of bogra city.

Country                        :  Bangladesh
Division                        : Rajshahi division
District                         : Bogra district
Population (2001)         : Total 210,038
Time zone                     : Bangladesh time  (UTC+6)
Calling code                 :051
Post code                     :5800
Website                        : http//www. Dcbogra. Gov. bd
Area                             :2919.9 sq km
Average temperature    : Maximum 34.6° C and Minimum 11.9° C
Annual total rainfall    :1610 mm.
 Main town                   : Satmata

Famouse people of bogra

Area of bogra

 Bogra District is 2919.9 sq km long, it bounded by Joypurhat and Gaibandha districts on the north, Natore and Sirajganj districts on the south, Jamuna river and Jamalpur district on the east, Naogaon and Natore districts on the west. Main town in bogra city is 18.85 sq km. This photo is bogra shatmata.

Upazila, Ward, Village In Bogra

In 1850, Bogra (Town) founded consists of 12 wards and 46 mahallas. In 1983 Bogra district was divided into two districts (Bogra and Joypurhat). For this time ,Bogra district consists of 5 municipalities, 48 wards, 166 mahallas, 11 upazilas, 109 union parishads, 1782 mouzas and 2706 villages. Recent bogra district cosisten some ward to union parisads so many union are now develop for work. Bogra district’s   upazila are Adamdighi, Bogra Sadar, Dhunat, Dupchanchia, Gabtali, Kahaloo, Nandigram, Sariakandi, Sherpur, Shibganj, And Sonatola. Recent  Shazhanpur is made new upazila. 

Bogra town is satand by karotoa river. Many parts of this river in all bogra town. So karatoya is Main River in bogra. Bangali, jamuna other river in bogra.
People & there condition

Bogra town is most popular in north bangle people.  In 2001 population of  bogra city 210,038  male 52.37%, female 47.63%, Muslim 93.7%, Hindu 5.8%, others 0.5%. Main occupation are bogra’s people in Agriculture. But some people are do others job. The rate of job bogra’s people- agriculture 29.95%, agricultural labourer 12.53%, wage labourer 2.2%, commerce 18.11%, service 15.62%, transport 6.66%, others 14.93%.Recently many people are increasing there profession. They are now increasing  there educational qualification. So they are do some job which is make more money.

School & college
The town people of bogra is literacy rate 78% . male 45.6%, female 32.4%. main town in bogra has some school and college. Most popular boys school is bogra zila school & most popular girl school is govt Girl’s high school. Bogra zila & govt. girl’s school are stand in bogra shatmat. .

Bogra’s Most Popular School And Location: Armd Police Batialine School & College. It Stand In Nishindar . Bogra Cantonment Public School & College. It Stand In Magira. Bogra Police Line High School & College. It Stand In Chocklocman . Sos School & College. It Stand In Matidali. Matidali School  High School. It Stand In Matidali Bazers. Karota Maltimidia School. It Stand In Kamergari. Pre Cadet High School,It Stand In Jolashoretola. Fokaruddin High School & College,It Stand In Neshindar. zila school
College In Bogra Town: Govt. Azizul Huq College, It Stand In Kamargari & College Fulbari. Govt. Shasultan College, It Stand In Bonani. Govt.Mohila College, It Stand In College Fulbari. Zahidur Rohoman Mohila College,It Stand In Godarpara Charmata,Bogra. Govt. commercial college, it stand in bogra shatmata. And more in bogra  town.

Technical institute

One of the most famous technical institute in Bogra is Bogra polytechnic institute. It is made diploma engineer. And other ungovt. Polytechnic institutes are NITE,IITB etc. TTC is a technical institute . It is vocational teaching. And more ungovt. Technical institute in bogra town. So this town build a man for develop our country. Many student come this technical institute in other district.
 Compute institute: It has some computer teaching institute. On of the famous computer institute in Bangladesh  is NACTER. It is teaching computer and secretarial science.  SYBERTAKE is computer teaching institute and more computer instate in bogra town.  Bogra has  a govt.jubo prosikho kandro . it teach some technical element which is employ a man . Bogra’s has a ungovt. Jubo prosikion kandro.

Hospital & medical college
Bogra has a popular hospital. It name is shaheed zaiur  rahman medical college and hospital. It has more experience doctor and nurse they are help people all the time. Mohamad ali is a popular hospital.

Name of bogra’s hospital and location: shaheed zaiur rahman medical college and hospital,it stand in shelimpur,Bissho road shonlongno,Mohammad ali hospital,it satnd in kholoni,Bangladesh bank shonlogno. Mision hospital, it stand in kinder. Doctor’s  clinic, it stand in shutrapur, popular diagnostic center, it stand in koloni, Dhaka bus stand’s west side. And other clinic in bogra town.

Bogra’s has a medical college. It name shaheed ziaur rahman medical college and hospital. It stand in shelimpur. TMSS medical college is a ungovt medical college. It stand in gokule.

Religious institute
Many religious institute in bogra towrn. Boro msojid is most popular in bogra. Mostafia madrash  ,it is teach students in islam.

Entertainment space
Khokon park , many people gathering it in afternoon. It stand in nobab bari road. Uddban park,it is satnd in bogra shatmata. Palace musime,it is most popular in bogra town. It stand in nobabbari road. Wonderland park,it is popular for children . it has some play instrument which is nice. It stand in kandre, East side of sohid chandu stadiume.
Many commercial space in bogra town: korotoa auditorium, it stand in jolashori toa ,ieakubea school more, akboria misti mala, it stand in jolashori toa ,ieakubea school more. Nortwaya  commercial space, it stand in koloni. Other community center in bogra town. 

. Mohastangar is a tourism palace in bogra. It stand in mohastan. It famous palace in "Behular Bashor Ghar" which very near to Mahasthangar is a popular place for the tourists. Tourists from all over Bangladesh visit this place throughout the year.

Hotal & motel of Bogra city

Hotel nazgarden & porjoton motel  are most popular in bogra town. Hotel nazgarden is a four star hotal it has summing pull , bar, nice room and other element this  website
Porjoton motel, it stand in bonany.  Many people come there counter and other side.
other motel in bogra and there location: nortway motel, it stand in kolone, Safeway motel it stand in godarpara, hotel cyest, it stand in fultola.

Populer hotel for food in bogra
 Some popular hotel for food in bogra and location: hotel akboria,it stand in thana mor,hotel shamoly, it stand in thana mor, asia swites, it stand in shatmata. Podda foods,it stand in jolashoritola, Red chilly, it stand in shutrapur. Akboriamistimala ,it stand in jolosoritola, ieakubea school mor.

Main food of bogra
Rice is main food in bogra.

Main crops Paddy, jute, potato, onion, chilli, and many items vegetables.
Extinct and nearly extinct crops Betel leaf, air potato, mustard.
Main fruits Jackfruit, mango, litchi, banana.

Newspapers and periodicals
Daily Karatoya, Daily Satmatha, Daily Durjoy Bangla, Daily Aaj O Aagamikal, Daily Chadnibazar, extinct or nearly extinct: Daily Uttaranchal, Daily Uttarbarta, Daily Muktabarta.

Playground in bogra

Bogra’s has a international stadium. It sohid chadu stadium. It stand in khander. 

Communication & most popular agency
 The town roads have been restructured and widened and telecommunications have greatly improved within the city. Bus & train are main transport in bogra.
Most popular agency in bus: TR travel , SR travel, SHMOLY travel etc.
Most popular train agency: LALMONY expires  , DOLONCHAPA expires etc.

Bogra is known as the industrial city of the North Bengal.
Some industry name of bogra:Garments factory 2, ceramic industry, iron & steel mill 2, tobacco industry 5, textile mill 2, match factory 2, cold storage 7, leather industry 2,shop factory.

Total number of hats and bazars are 82, most noted of which are Kalitala Hat, Sabgram Hat, Sultanganj Hat. Noted fairs are Baruni Mele, Karbala Mela.
Main exports Banana, potato, chilli, vegetables.

Bank & NGO
Bangladesh bank is main bank in bogra, it stand in kholoni,
other bank in bogra town: Standard Chartered Bank, it stand in borogola, Dutch Bangla Bank, it stand in shatmata. BRAC Bank,it stand in jautola, online banking, ATM and modern banking facilities have been introduced in bogra town.

Some NGO  in Bogra: brac, asa, World Mission, thengamara mahila sabuj sangha and other.